Health & Wellness
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Student Health and Wellness Advisory Committee (SHWAC)


The Student Health and Wellness Advisory Committee (SHWAC) is a liaison student advisory group dedicated to increasing engagement between the student body and Health and Wellness. Through the work of SHWAC students and administrators work together to align services with students' needs and optimally support students’ experience. Service is a commitment of  at least 1 academic year and members: 

  • Serve as a liaison between both the undergraduate and graduate student body community and each of the departments within the Health and Wellness area 
  • Engage in bi-directional communication and information sharing with the members of various Health and Wellness departments
  • Serve as an informal consultative body to the Health and Wellness leadership and staff  
  • Meet with the Executive Director and other members of the Health and Wellness team throughout the semester. 
  • Serve as a member of working groups designed to provide direct feedback on current initiatives being undertaken by various departments.

Any questions, requests, or interests in collaboration may be directed to